Happy International Women’s Day

I just wanted to take a moment and wish each woman a “ Happy International Women’s Day”.

We celebrate each other for our strengths and our contributions. For this I say “Thank You

We are often taken for granted and not appreciated for our worth and the things we do.

So here’s to you!

Until Next Time



Mouth Watering Edibles

This Weekend, I entertained a group of my girlfriends celebrating Galentine’s Day. The theme for the event was Furs by the Fireside   featuring the furs by “The Asher Collection” and Paparazzi Jewelry.   Just select and click the images and it will take you to the information and recipes .

“Furs by the Fireside”

The Asher Collection

We had a fabulous time having girl time and celebrating each other.

Paparazzi Jewelry

We shopped, ate, drank and just had a great time with each other.  I had thirty plus years of friendship in my home.  It was a small intimate group of friends and turns out to be the perfect number of people.  We modeled and admired the furs and jewelry ,there were so many to pick from and Lady Eleanor was my favorite.  It made it hard to make decisions on what to buy.   But everyone was extremely happy with their purchases.

I love to entertain, and I enjoyed preparing the appetizers for the event that night . I thought I would share the recipes with you, and I hope you enjoy them as much as we did……… This was my first time making these appetizers and everyone loved them. Everything was delicious .

Bacon Ranch Cheese Ball

I can’t stop eating it

Bacon Chicken Wraps

Very Tasty

Best Ever Chicken Salad

1 Salted Caramel Cheesecakes


Mini Mac and Cheese Bites

I added seven different cheeses to this recipe

Saucy Teriyaki Meatballs

The meatballs was a big hit!

Red Velvet Truffles

I can’t stop eating them

Strawberry Pink Moscato Lemonade


My FireSide Grooves


It was a fun- filled night having some girl time,  pampering ourselves with goodies,  catching up with old friends ,  Enjoying my new appetizers , and doing a taste test for me for the next events since everything was new to me but it was a great hit to my guests.   Enjoy the delights and happy making them.

Until the next time


Savor Sweet Divine Delights

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I thought I would share some of my favorite treats . We all look forward to getting gifts, or something special on that special day, or any special occasion or just because. If your anything like me, I believe in being good to myself. You don’t have to be in a relationship to enjoy these things, however if you are, I’m sharing some of my joys with you. So I hope you get some ideas to give to your special someone. Or just treat you.

“My Favorite Things”

The chocolate is so smooth

Godiva Chocolate Cheesecake

The Chicago Mixx

“Gift Ideas”

Who doesn’t love jewerly ? I’m a jewerly girl myself. It’s a great accessory to any outfit, also it’s sentimental too.

Infinity of Love
Alexis an Ani


For Him

The Man with an Appetite

“Beauty Must Haves”

Who doesn’t love Sephora? I just love this store.

It’s just like being a big kid in a candy shop, but it’s make up.

For Him

There’s nothing like a good smelling man with the scent of Tom Ford

His Accessories

Red Velvet Truffles

Soothing to my taste buds


The Mood



There are so many options to choose from to enjoy this day of love. You just have to set aside sometime and enjoy it.

Until the next time


Comfort Food Indulgences

I recently tried this recipe, because I was planning for an event that I was giving. So I decided to try something new. It’s mouthwatering and very filling to the tummy…….Mostly everyone likes macaroni and cheese this would be a great dish to serve for any occasion. This recipe is so delicious though I thought I would share it and enjoy it. Just click on the image for the recipe. Enjoy!!

“My Jazz Cruise”

Every year I set some time aside to travel on a theme cruise traveling the Carribean and enjoying my passion for music. I’ve had an enjoyable 8-day cruise on the Capital Jazz SuperCruise http://www.capitaljazz.com. leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida traveling to Labadee Haiti, Roatan, Honduras, Belize City, Belize, Cozumel Mexico.

We set sail on the Royal Caribbean Independence of the Seas.

This is a gorgeous ship, I feel that I’m in a huge mall and hotel all in one. The customer service from Royal Caribbean has been impeccable. I will definitely cruise this brand of ships in the future.

We started in Fort Lauderdale Florida

Our first stop was Labadee Haiti the port of Royal Caribbean private island, where they supplied a buffet style lunch on the island while we explore the area we were in. We didn’t do an excursion because we just wanted to explore around and just enjoy the view instead of being on a time restraint from touring. Labadee is located in northern Haiti that is famous for it’s striking beaches,natural beauty and great views.

We visited the port of Roatan Honduras

This island wasn’t one of my favorites, we did do a tour but the tour guide in my opinion didn’t really give a good tour for the money, however, the beaches were nice. The bus we were traveling on was driven so fast by the driver, it made it difficult to take pictures, and the areas that she did take us to were mostly areas of the island where they were of a disadvantage.

But I did get some shots to share.

Next was Belize City, Belize

It was cold and rainy that day and the excursions were sold out so I only walk around the port for a short time because of the weather.

Our last stop was Cozumel, Mexico

It turn out to be a great day in Cozumel, The views were lovely and we had a chance to explore some of the island, while we did the Amazing Race of Cozumel . That was exciting and a lot of fun.

The object of the game is base off the television show “The Amazing Race” . The organizers gave us clues that we had to go around the town walking looking for all the clues, and gathering every clue to the finish line in a certain amount of time. The team that finished first was the winner. It was nine teams and we came in fourth place.. But it was fun and we definitely got our steps in this day.

These were some of the clues we had to find

The Island of Cozumel

We came in fourth place but it was fun and I enjoyed exploring some of the island. I plan to come back to visit, but I will fly directly to the island to have more time to visit.

At sea

Our time on the ship was filled with concerts every night , you had a choice of many activities around the ship featuring some of the artist that was performing. I love this particular theme cruise because it allows you to get up close and personal with your favorite artist and they interact also around the ship with everyone. It’s the best vacation ever especially theme cruises, it gives you so much value in one vacation, all inclusive everything that you need and more.

Jazz in Pink

Jazz in Pink

The Artist

Teddy Riley and Friends
Kenny “BabyFace ” Edmonds
Doug E. Fresh
Kenny Latimore

Jarrod Lawson
Ralph Tresvant of New Edition

Black Violin

“The Comedy”

Leslie and I


I spent 8 days doing what I love most ,my love for music and spending time with friends and family. Each year I look forward to cruising and listening to some great jazz artist.

Until next time


The Jewel of Cape Town, South Africa

I recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa on a glitch fare that I spoke on in one of my previous posts. It was also a great mileage run for me since I’m a Delta SkyMiles member… It was a long flight for two days because I had used all my vacation time from my employer, so I had to make every moment count…..but it was well worth every penny. We spent two full days exploring the country and I was in awe of the things that I had the opportunity to view… Cape Town is known for all its natural resources, wine vineyards, and wineries, What you’ll find here: life-changing scenery, powerful ocean sunsets, and a dynamic blend of culture and history. It’s a trip of a lifetime that I’m glad that I had the opportunity to see, but I must go back because it’s so much I missed out on. We visited Table Top Mountain which is one of the natural wonders, by cable car which was an enjoyable ride going up the mountain, being able to view the city from every angle the views from the top of the mountain are absolutely breathtaking, I was so taken back, but felt like I was standing on top of the world and just being there enjoying viewing and taking in the beauty of it.

On one of our tours we visited Robben Island this is where Nelson Mandela was held prisoner.

Nelson Mandela

African Penguins

Dinner at Gold’s Restaurant

We had dinner at a Authentic African Restaurant .


Some of the African customs where incorporated in the 14 course meal that was delicious..

The Beauty of the Ocean and the Blue waters

Boulder’s Beach

I’ve always wanted to do a safari….It was amazing to see the wildlife in person. It was a private game resort. Aquila safari and game.You can also do an overnight stay to get a more detailed tour…


The Wineries

I didn’t get a chance to experience the wineries because I had to leave that day… But my friends had the opportunity to enjoy and experience it…….The views were breathtaking .

We made new friends on this trip from the travel group that we belong too. We decided to check out the nightlife.

Our tour guide from Around the Table Travel and Tours.

Contact Steven @ aroundthetable7wonders@gmail.com

Steven is the best, he gave us five star service from the beginning to the end of our visit .. I highly recommend..

Our Suite at the Hilton


I experienced a trip of a lifetime and for the deal I got it was a steal…..

We pack a lot in two days but it’s still so much to see, but we are planning to come back again to get the full beauty of this jewel.

Until next time



“Happy New Year”

Well, we are at the end of the year and what better way to celebrate than to go to New York City… Currently, I’m in Times Square, as I type this waiting for midnight to come… Keep in mind, I’ve been here in one spot , a great spot I might add , since 8:30 a.m waiting to do this once in a lifetime opportunity that’s on my bucket list . The New Year’s Eve Ball Drop is exciting, but you must come prepared and read all the tips they give you, because once your inside the square, if you leave out, you can’t get back in…….What a way to spend New Year’s Eve than being right in the midst of all the happenings in NYC… The excitement of all this is so much fun…. You’re meeting people from all over the world…. It’s something to see everyone standing out here in this freezing cold……. But you do whatever when you’re determine to fulfilled those dreams……..


So we survived this big night, it rained all day , so it made the conditions a little less enjoyable at times, because it wasn’t anywhere to sit down other than the ground, and who wants to sit on the ground in the rain. So this alone made it challenging , but if your determined to do this and we where, you adjust yourself for the conditions, That’s why it’s “VERY IMPORTANT” to read the survival tips for handling Times Square New Year’s Ball Drop and following every piece of information that’s given and come over prepared to plan for whatever happens.

The concerts and seeing artist perform is well worth it especially when it’s free…… But this definitely will be a night to remember.

Highlights from my visit before The Ball Drop

Breakfast at Asiate Mandarin Oriental of New York City

We made a stop to Central Park and Jazz at The Lincoln Center

We visited the 911 Memorial site

We had dinner in Harlem

We had dinner at one of my favorite dinner spots in New York, The Red Rooster which is owned by Food Network Chef Marcus Samuelson … I absolutely love this place. The food is delicious, the ambiance is wonderful, and the music is one of my favorites jazz….. You have to make reservations to secure your seating because it’s a busy venue. https://www.redroosterharlem.com/

I just love it!!

We did a drive by the historic “Famous Apollo”

You can’t go to NYC without exploring Manhattan…..

Finally, My visit to the city that never sleeps was a blast, hanging out with my girlfriends, taking in all of the sights that you read about,hear and see. I had the opportunity to explore it at my own terms. Well it’s still a lot of places in the city that I’ve yet visited, but I will continue to return to a city that I love so much to continue my adventures there.

Until the next time!

Happy New Year

May your year be blessed with great health, joy, peace, love, prosperity,and all of your dreams coming to past… Let’s make this the best year ever.

Happy Holidays

The Holidays are here…… I would just like to say “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” and wishing you nothing but happiness,peace, joy,and good health in 2019………”Happy Holidays” from my home to yours…… God Bless you!

Kathy @ The Fabulous Wanderlust

Do you travel? If not why?

Almost every one of us agree that life’s real education happens outside the classroom. Classrooms with teachers, friends and textbooks are of course one way to learn but they are not the only.

Finances and work can easily create a barrier to travel. However, traveling and seeing the world can contribute to feeling like you are living a fulfilled life. There will always be an excuse to not travel, whether it be your work schedule, a tight budget, or the fear of travelling alone. But by taking the plunge and making travel happen, your life can transform from normal to your best life.

Traveling doesn’t have to require spending thousands of dollars on a month-long trip to Europe. It can be as simple as taking a road trip to a nearby city or camping for a weekend. Whether you feel like you’ve gotten stuck in a boring routine, or if you’re stressed by the tasks of daily life, traveling is a way to step outside yourself and your comfort zone; it is a reminder of how big and diverse the world can be.


Think about the places that you’ve been dreaming about,and sit down and put that list together and just do it….. Don’t wait until you retire, And certainly don’t wait on NO one….

Until next time❤️


It’s time for Holiday Luxury

We’re in the holiday season and there are parties, special events, or just treating yourself to something special for the holidays, makes it all worth doing a little shopping… Well I have the something special just for you…..I thought I would share my special luxuries that I love and it’s my pleasure to share them with you…. This is a segment in my blog that I will be featuring my favorite luxuries from time to time,

One of the things I enjoy most is glamming it up when I step out for the evening, or when I’m attending church. One of my favs is my fur jacket by ” The Asher Collection” This line was created and hand pick by a longtime, hometown friend Renee- Mitchell- Johnson.

Renee is truly a fashionista within her own right….. She’s always put together from head to toe. She has a beautiful line of fun furs, And furs that you would wear on a evening out. Check out the full website and treat yourself to some special things….. You can visit the website@


I’m going out and I’m feeling myself because I love my Asher Collection….. This piece is “Lady NaShawn”………It can be purchase on The Asher Collection website. It also comes in different colors…… I feel sassy in this piece .

This next fur is “Lady Kathy”in navy blue and it comes in other colors… The brown jacket is “Lady Theresa”……….when I enter in this jacket, I have to work the room because it’s lovely

My feature Jewerly is The Tracy Lynn Collection…. Every Lady must have a piece of pearls in her Jewerly Collection …. The Gold Necklace and earrings can be purchase @ visiting www .tracilynnjewelry.net/567


My motto is to be good to yourself and treat yourself to something you love…… And the holidays are a great time to do or you can give that significant other your wish list and let them shop for you…… These luxuries are classics that will be around for years to come..

Until next time


Luxury Vacation on a Budget

Travel for me is educational, and a unforgettable experience, that the memories will always live inside of you, when your not traveling anymore….. I love travel so much especially international travel, that I had a passion to find every resource that allows me to travel frequently overseas . In this post I will be sharing my resources that I’ve learned on this discovery and encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone.

I get asked the question, all the time about traveling being expensive … How can you afford to do it?? First, you must be willing to be committed to using the resources that are available to you on the internet and through apps. Join the email list for that site and they will let you know where the deals are…….Follow travel blogs and join a travel group on Facebook . Facebook travel groups are a wonderful tool for networking and for information…. They are travel junkies that have like minded interest, looking for the next great deal.. They find the deal then they share it within the group, these groups are also good for anything you want to know that’s travel related they can advise you on it also.

My friends and I travel on glitch( mistake error) fares all the time……….That’s when the airline has a computer glitch in the system, and there’s people that are on a mission to find and publish these fares on there website. But you have to join their email club. Some of the sites are http://www.secretflying.com and they also have an app too. http://www.theflightdeal.com, http://www.Scottscheapflights.com, https://airfarespot.com and http://www.airfarewatchdog.com, http://www.dollarflightclub.com are great tools also. Secret flying shares deals,also every half an hour, and twitter is great for that too… The key thing is when the deals are published you need to act ASAP before the airline realize the mistake. My motto is Buy now, Plan later to secure the deal…..my advice to you don’t wait on anyone you might miss out….Example on my glitch fare….I went to Singapore from NYC round trip for 328.00 , added 100.00 more to a flight to Thailand from Singapore ………You must go to the city where the deal is traveling from…..

FYI …… Join a major airline that travels international routes, and sign up for there frequent flyer program. Also this is a tip from The Points Guy…..www.pointsguy.com . Would you like to earn free travel? Apply for a travel rewards credit card that earns miles for free travel…. I’ve had many trips this way and a great savings in the long run….. Two great credit cards are American Express Gold Card and Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve which is the premium card for Chase… But check out the points guy blog or follow him on Facebook .

If you prefer tour packages and not invest the time in looking for the deals, these tour companies create tours that include the hotel, the tour and some meals, and for additional charge add the airfare on the package tour… There are different levels of packages on every budget that you can spend ,but they are nice and you don’t have to do anything but pay on the trip and the balance is due 45 days before departure.. You can also booked a year or two in advance to give you plenty time.

Some of the companies listed have nice itineraries to choose from…

Gate 1 Travel, Great Value Vacations, Budget Travel, GoAheadTours, Groupon.com always have deals to choose from….

I did my Italian Vista with Globus Tours and they did a fantastic job… You can book directly or your travel agent can book them too…

Now this is a subject some people are not comfortable with, that’s solo travel….

Solo travel allows you to enjoy your holiday on your own time, and you don’t have to cater to anyone but yourself, It’s a time in your life of self- discovery seeing what you enjoy,and doing things on your own terms. There are plenty of solo travelers out there, that they meet each other especially on group tours and you get to know one another and meet new friends while stepping out of your comfort zone.

Finally, If you have a passion for travel, don’t let finance and lack of travel companions stop you from venturing out and trying something different ….. Trust me you will be glad you did!

Until next time


La Dolce Vita

“Relax,Unwind and Groove”

The purpose for starting this blog was to share my experiences, One of my passion is to create luxury experiences and to create a comfortable welcoming environment, into your home, or space of choice… Those who know me well, know that I have a great appreciation for music, especially jazz. On this quiet evening, I’m thinking this would be a nice evening to unwind with a glass of moscato or my favorite Italian wine Prosecco…And listening to one of my favorite band which happens to be an all girl band……


Jazz in Pink featuring…Jazz In Pink is the world-renowned, all-female, all Star band based in Los Angeles, CA. In just six years, Jazz In Pink has emerged as one of the world’s most prominent and popular all-female, ensembles. They enjoy a growing social media presence on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Jazz In Pink delivers a mixed genre which is primarily Jazz with soul, R&B, symphonic, rock and hip hop undertones. The band’s core members are Gail Jhonson, Althea René, Maria Antoinette, and Karen Briggs. Since 2008, Jazz In Pink has not only performed throughout the country and around the world, but has worked to fill learning, social, and cultural gaps through community outreaches and events. The talented band consistently captivates audiences. Collectively and individually, members have performed along with Alex Bugnon; Norman Brown; Eric Bent; Bobby Womack; Sheila E; Peabo Bryson; David Benoit; Kirk Franklin; Donnie McClurkin; Yolanda Adams; The Virginia Symphony; Jonathan Butler; George Duke; Stanley Clarke; Wu Tang Clan; Everett Harp; Brenda Russell; Patti Austin; The Time and Yanni.Their CD, 1st Collection, was released in 2014. It features Gail Jhonson, Karen Briggs, Althea Rene, Robin Bramlett, Cindy Bradley and many other talented, eclectic music.

I will have the opportunity to see them in concert on the Capital Jazz SuperCruise http://www.capitaljazzsupercruise.com. in January…. This should be a delight. Note: about this cruise It’s the “BEST VACATION EVER”… I’m sure you can tell I’m excited and ready to go…… 8 days of concerts, parties, sightseeing you name it we will be having a grand time.

So as you get ready for another work week, allow yourself to take a break and unwind, relax, and have a glass of your favorite wine or cocktail and listen to your jazz of choice, Curl up with a good book……..And have a great week.

Until next time


Live, Love, Luxury

Are you living your best life?

Are you living your best life? If not why aren’t you?? Are you living what others want??? It’s time for you to be who you want to be, and stop living for others and enjoy the best of you.

Although living your best life may seem difficult, it is within your grasp. You can learn to embrace happiness and achieve inner peace simply by changing and incorporating some healthy habits into your life. Sometimes living up to your full potential is just about taking the time for self-care. Taking little moments to meditate, journal, and goal-set can make all the difference. Craving a glass of wine and dark chocolate? Give in to that desire, because treating yourself can be just as important as working hard….. So open up yourself and discover who you are and start living the best version of yourself now…… It’s time to be good to you……



I am Free to be ME….. Unapologetic❤️31191966-8845-4331-A2B5-801D3F7E6CCE

I’m living life on my own terms, not apologizing for whom I am, and free to be the woman God created me to be…